Our Values

At IVC Group it’s our unique values and principles that unite us in delivering the highest quality pet care whilst maintaining clinical independence.

Our Values

Our five core values are essential to what we want our business to look and feel like. We remain true to these values in everything that we do.
IVC Values - Respect

Respect – we respect the individual, we keep our promises, we treat each other with decency.

Understanding individual needs is key to the IVC way of working – whether it’s empathising with a customer’s concerns, creating the best working environment or embracing new ideas from our experts.

The IVC Clinical Board highlights the importance we place on respect. We believe it’s crucial to hear the views and experiences of veterinarians and keepers – not only to provide a forum for medical issues but also to share this wisdom across the group. We respect every professional’s knowledge and always want to share best practices.

IVC Values - Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship – we innovate and look for opportunities to succeed in a changing world

Innovation comes from being adaptive and constantly seeking new opportunities for success. This openness to change is why at IVC Group we put so much effort into supporting autonomy in our clinics and fostering entrepreneurship.

So many of IVC Group’s developments have been initiated by this entrepreneurial spark we so value – from the UK’s Pet Health Club to the Netherlands’ Regional Clusters, Sweden’s state-of-the-art Digital Center and countless others in every one of our locations.

IVC Values - Dialogue

Dialogue – we discuss before we decide

It’s easy to forget that dialogue means the whole conversation. That listening is just as important as speaking. That real progress is made when we leave room in our day-to-day lives for questions, debate and problem solving.

That’s why ongoing, open dialogue plays such a crucial role in our culture at IVC Group. We employ working groups, clinical boards, advisory boards, nurse committees, intranets, strategic meeting policies and much more across our practices to optimise open dialogue and information sharing.

IVC Values - Openness

Openness – we are trustworthy, we share information, we’re open to ideas, we speak our minds

Removing barriers and creating a culture that allows people to question things is extremely important at IVC Group. We pride ourselves on our transparency and passion for sharing ideas and learning.

This open and curious mindset has resulted in many IVC Group initiatives. A new intranet in Sweden, which is now being rolled out across all IVC Group countries, offers a great way for interest groups to share information and for employees to communicate. In the Netherlands, employee satisfaction survey results are being shared across practices.

IVC Values - Engagement

Engagement – our success depends on the commitment and engagement of our local teams

We firmly believe that if we encourage people to contribute on a local level, they’ll feel part of the bigger picture. We want all our employees to participate in as much of our business as possible.

This year has been no exception. In the UK, we brought together our referral vets to shape our referral strategy. In Denmark, we introduced an annual Evidensia Day get-together, as well as numerous social and networking events.

In the Netherlands, our volunteer vets coaching programme continues to go from strength to strength.

“We’ve always put ourselves at the service of our clinics, enabling them to perform better.”

David Hillier
CEO IVC Group International

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