Our mission

We believe that the best way to offer the high quality medical care is by offering our practices clinical independence, with the security of international cooporations. We also believe in providing opportunities for our people to grow and develop through education at work. It allows us to keep our people motivated to continuously give our patience the best possible care.

Our mission

Core to our mission are clinical independence, international cooperation, and continuous education to develop our people and their careers.

We pursue these by developing and investing in centres of excellence, where our specialists and referral vets work together to provide exceptional care in every veterinary discipline. We recruit and support forward-looking clinicians.

“Referral and specialised care has always been an important and growing part of the IVC Group. During the coming year, we will continue to invest in new hospitals, advanced equipment and education programmes. Our strategy will not only transform the profile of our group but will also advance the provision of veterinary medicine in many of our countries”
David Hillier – CEO, IVC GROUP

We involve them in developing our local clinics and in the development of the profession. Our hospitals also act as learning centres, providing advanced training and support to all our vets and nurses. Furthermore, they offer our first-opinion clinics unrivalled access to advanced diagnostics and treatment, ensuring that our clients and their pets receive the highest levels of personalised care.